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  • KC518 - Adventourer

    Lowest cost of ownership of any turbine engine helicopter. 
    Simple & Quick build time
    High component TBO
    (Time Between Overhaul) 
    NO airframe calendar overhaul period.
    “ON CONDITION” Composite Main & Tail rotor blades
  • KC518’s design

    See our video introduction of the KC518 design philosophy.
    It is future proof -
    one of safety, reliability, strength and rigidity.


    KC518’s production

    KC518 boasts the world’s first all carbon-Kevlar composite frameless helicopter fuselage.

  • Engine options

    De-rated to 450shp. The Adventourer has been designed to meet FAR Part 27 - at 3200lb GW, VNE 160kts at 450shp.

  • Production

    View the production of our carbon-Kevlar components and take a peek at the basic helicopter fuselage.



View the production of our
carbon-Kevlar components and take a peek at the basic helicopter fuselage.

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Composite Helicopters International

The KC518’s design philosophy is Future Proof - one of safety, reliability, strength and rigidity. Smooth, low-drag profile, lightweight, simple ease of build, redundancy, low cost with the all-important aesthetic appeal.

This is the world’s first all composite frameless helicopter airframe (patent pending). An engineered construction primarily of carbon and Kevlar. Designed to be assembled from the outside in and in a pre-determined order.

"..KC518 has been designed and manufactured with full FAA certification in mind, so by offering her as a kit helicopter to the public pre-certification, they are effectively getting a 5-6 seat world class civilian helicopter, at kit prices..."
Peter Maloney, President


"Fresh ideas - different perspective - this is a helicopter the whole family can enjoy"

Women will play a major part in the future of the helicopter industry. Our industry has been predominantly male for all of its history. There is now a strong female presence within the helicopter industry: pilots, engineers, leaders. Women form a significant part of our sales and manufacturing team.

Leanne Maloney - Chief Financial Officer - Co-founder

"We are very different!"

We are using new technology in a completely new way.
We are the first in the world to make a frameless helicopter fuselage.
It has never been done like this before.

Peter Maloney - President - Founder

"We will do with Composite Helicopter what the PC did to the computing industry." 

This is way beyond tinkering with something in your shed which may never fly. We make quick-build, low-production cost kits. With our unique assembly method we have standardized the componentry and construction process.

Tim Pike - Director of Sales; Cornerstone Investor


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